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From Clicks to Bricks – Online Retailers Embrace Physical Locations

Physical retail isn’t dying, but retail as we know it is shifting beneath our feet. While it’s true that some retailers are closing locations due to the “Retail Apocalypse”, many online-only retailers are moving into their first physical store locations. These brands are capitalizing on the recent closures of some traditional retailers, creating new opportunities […]

RECon Recap 2019

Another exciting RECon has come and gone. We hope that you made meaningful connections, fostered relationships and facilitated deals. Each year after the conference, I reflect on the underlying themes that were repeated throughout the sessions I attended and echoed in the conversations I had with industry colleagues. This year has been no different, but […]

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Top 5 Things I Learned at the ICSC Southeastern Conference in Atlanta

Marcus Lambert, our student intern and associate, is taking over CPD’s blog to tell you about his experience at this year’s ICSC Southeastern Conference. “Being a newcomer to the industry, this conference was my first introduction into the networking and marketing side of the commercial real estate industry. I was able to absorb the experience and […]

New Technology Brings Innovation to Commercial Real Estate Industry

It’s no secret that technology is changing the world in which we live in myriad ways. Every industry has been affected, including commercial real estate, which has undergone its own technological revolution in the past few years with more changes expected in the future. As clients become increasingly tech savvy and information becomes more readily available, […]


Top 5 Things I Learned at the ICSC Florida Conference

This year’s ICSC Florida Conference had the largest attendance in over a decade with 4,500 professionals, it hasn’t reached this level since prior to the recession.  There were also more exhibitors in the Deal Making hall than ever before.  With the Florida conference as the 3rd largest event that ICSC presents, it’s no surprise there […]

CPD Along with Capstone Group Sell State Vacuum Property

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tampa, Florida, August 15, 2018 – Corporate Property Dispositions along with Capstone Group, represented Jenjo, LLC. in the recent sale of the State Vacuum property at 3143 West Kennedy Boulevard in Tampa, FL. Ken Stephens of Corporate Property Dispositions, Tampa, FL along with Jim Burt of Capstone Group represented the seller, Jenjo, […]


Technology’s Transformative Effect on the Retail Industry

Today’s retailers are becoming increasingly innovative as they incorporate technology into brick and mortar stores. For instance, omnichannel retail, which reflects a fully-integrated approach to commerce and connects with consumers via multiple channels, requires extensive technology and logistical planning to be successful. Retailers, eager to compete in a competitive marketplace, are now implementing an array of […]


Remembering Mike Folio

CPD is saddened to share the news that our founder, Mike Folio, has passed away.  Mike, a talented, innovative and driven real estate veteran, was admired and respected by colleagues and competitors alike. Mike’s impressive career began as the Director of Real Estate at Grand Union Supermarkets New York region. He later held positions as […]